Disney Sweet Wonder Play Yard Review

By | September 19, 2017

If you are looking for a convenient mini nursery for your child, which you can use at home and away, the Disney Sweet Wonder Play Yard is the one for you. The play yard offers your child enough space for play and also ensures that the baby rests comfortably on the bassinet. It features an open-view mesh that allows for uninterrupted air flow, hence minimizing the risk of your baby suffocating while asleep, and also giving you a good view from any angle. But is it really the best pack and play ?

Unique features

The crib comes with a deluxe organizer that lets you arrange baby’s necessities within reach. The top shelf has a large surface area that can hold a big wipes container. For mobility from room to room, Disney Sweet Wonder Play Yard has two wheel that makes pushing easy and convenient. If you wish to carry the crib for outdoor you, there is on-the-go carry bag in which you can pack it and get to unfold it when you get to your destination. No matter where you are, the play yard is there to add a little magic into your baby’s life. Do not leave the toys behind because the entertaining toy arch can hold them in a hanging manner to keep your child amused while awake.


Durability and safety- The Disney Sweet Wonder Play Yard is one of the items that your baby will grow with, and it will save you on space because it serves as a sleeping area, changing station, play yard, not to mention that it comes with storage space. The fact that it lasts long means that you do not have to keep buying cribs as the baby grows since it is sturdy enough to hold a baby as heavy as 30 pounds. Once the baby outgrows it much later, you can drop the bassinet to a lower level and convert it to a travel bed or a play station. If you choose to leave it intact, rest assured that it can be used by generations to come.

Easy to fold and carry- In addition to being portable, the crib is also easy to carry and store because it is fold-able. However, folding it and assembling can be a little tricky unless one has a manual. Customers who have used it advise that the easiest way to assemble it is to snap the sides and lock them straight before flattening the floor of the crib.

When packing it or folding it away, the trick is to pull up the floor before unfastening the sides. Once you have figured this out, it becomes effortless to assemble and disassemble. One thing to note is that once the play yard has been constructed, it is very sturdy on its own and offers your baby the comfort they need because the padding is very soft.

Multiple colors- the bed in a bag crib is beautifully decorated, which makes it perfect for your baby since the first colors they can see are red, white, and black. Customers who have used it love it because of its various functionality features.


It is unfortunate that the instructions that come with the package are not very easy to understand, and this is what necessitates the need for you to figure out on your own how to assemble it without breaking the small parts. Some other packages also come without the instructions, and you have to call their customer service desk for the manual to be emailed to you.

Design faults- The crib also has four other wheels, but they are not functional and can cause damage to your floor if care is not exercised. To avoid the damage, ensure that you lift it up slightly and push it on its two functional wheels. Some of the cribs come with male and female ends that do not match, and this makes fixing relatively difficult.


The Disney Sweet Wonder Play Yard is designed for both boys and girls, and therefore you should not worry that you might have the wrong one shipped to you upon placing your order. Whether you are a parent looking forward to getting a baby soon or you already have your bundle of joy with you, consider buying this unique play yard and see for yourself the convenience that it offers you as far as ensuring your baby is comfortable is concerned.