The Dangers of White Noise Machines (Developing Autism)

By | June 8, 2014

There are many reasons why children develop autism and experts are saying that one of the reasons why kids develop this is due to the use of white noise machines. These machines are commonly used by parents to cover the harsh noise done by the environment. It is seen by parents as an effective way of keeping their children asleep without being worried that they might wake up because of sudden noise done outside their home. But as shown in the studies of many experts, it was found out that the use of these machines is directly related to the development of autism with kids.

Why Many Parents Opt for White Noise Machines as Calming Tools

white noiseThe main reason why parents purchase white noise machines for their children especially for their toddlers is the fact that they see these machines as effective calming tools for kids. They find the use of these machines really helpful in covering up whatever noise is there and just making sure that their children can focus on whatever activities they are doing without any distractions. Aside from grown up children, parents to make use of these machines especially for babies who easily gets awaken of bits of sounds.

Many parents are opting to set the white noise machines in the highest volume possible to make sure that they are able to cover any loud noise easily. Children in their early months are usually light sleepers. And whenever they stir, they easily wake up and cry, which makes parents really troubled on how to bring their kids back to sleep again. During these times, they tend to choose setting a calming sound in the machine as loud as possible just to make sure that their babies can easily return to sleep even if they wake up a bit.

How Kids Develop Autism because of White Noise

Experts are saying that when a child is exposed in white noise for a long period of time, there is a high risk that the child would develop this problem as he grows. Researchers are saying that aside from the normal genetically developed autism, babies being exposed to white noise machines are likely to have the problem also. This is because of the frequencies emitted by these machines that are stimulating the brain’s auditory cortex. Though the research studies tested the effects of these machines with animals, they can easily say that the same situation may also happen with humans. For this situation, the delicate condition of babies and infants.

With this kind of studies, any expert can say that white noise is directly related with the development of a child’s autism problem. Experts say that, children who are exposed to high volume of white noise in their early months are most likely to develop not only autism but also to epilepsy. Furthermore, these infants exposed to these machines are also at high risks of developing speech problems that may hinder a child in having a normal life as they grow.

Aside from these studies, it was also found out that children having autism are confirmed to have a different way of processing whatever sound they hear. This only means that these kids will definitely encounter the difficulty of learning and would even develop the difficulty in focusing their attention in a single object or activity. Moreover, another cause of white noise to babies is the constant experiences of buzzing confusion and booming sounds. These are also the main problems on why children with autism are withdrawing from the act of socializing with other people and would just hide themselves in their own shells.

Other Problems that White Noise Machines May Bring

The loud volume of a white noise machine is found to be harmful to adults alone. This is the main reason why this machine is more damaging for babies unlike when used by adults. Most of the white noise machines exceed the required 50 decibels sound emitted and suitable for the human hearing, and this makes the machines really dangerous for kids. When the sound emitted goes over the required decibels, there is huge risk that a child may develop not only autism but also loss of hearing.

Though the condition of losing one’s sense of hearing is serious, parents should be aware that even for adults the use of such machines may also lead to their problems with hearing. It is necessary that when parents cannot prevent using these machines, the volume will be set in the lowest yet most effective level and should be placed away from the crib or bed of the baby.

Long period and loud exposure to the frequencies emitted by these machines are highly dangerous, and being able to know these things is sure to be a great advantage for parents. If you are one of those parents who want to develop the senses and skills of your child normally or in its highest potential, make sure that you know the risks of using such machines while they are still young.



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