Cosco Funsport Play Yard Review

By | September 19, 2017

As your bundle of joy grows up, it becomes harder to keep them in one space as he/she is eager to move around and explore the surroundings. However, the number one concern for parents is how this free movement can be done in a safe environment without the possibility of their baby getting harmed.

Luckily, new developments in the baby products industry are making this a possibility through playpens. These are enclosed structures with space where babies can be placed in to move around securely.

Your baby deserves nothing short of the best. To help you make the best choice, below is a detailed summary of features to look out for before deciding on which yard to buy, as well as reasons why Cosco Funsport Play Yard is your best bet.

Factors that ought to influence your purchase decisions

  • · Safety
  • · Portability
  • · Ease of use
  • · How comfortable it is for the baby
  • · Height and age range
  • · Time spent in assembling or folding it down
  • · Space it consumes


Features that make Cosco Funsport Play Yard truly stand out

1. It is safe and durable

The playpen has a padded floor and mesh sides all around it so you are able to constantly watch the baby. The mesh walls also act as support systems whenever the child tries to stand up and also keeps him/her inside the safety of the play yard. It has a firm base that ensures the crib stays in place to prevent it from toppling with the baby inside.

The beauty is that it has a long shelf life and can be used until the baby is about 35inches tall or until they are able to climb out.

2. Ease of portability

It has two wheels on one side which make it easy to slide around. It is smaller compared to other yards that have additional features like change tables. This makes it very light to carry as it has a weight of around 22pounds.

In addition to that, it has Velcro straps that hold it in place when folded, making it easy to carry around or travel with when placed inside the carry bag. Need a more portable option? Read this: What is the best pack and play?

3. Weighing the good and the bad

The Pros:

  • · It takes up very little space when laid out and takes even less storage space when not in use
  • · The support base is made up of wheels on one side and a double stand on the other that keeps it firmly on the ground.
  • · The play yard’s dimensions at 28.5 x 8.5 x 9 inches that provide ample space to play in.
  • · It has no weight limit and therefore can safely hold any baby regardless of their weight.
  • · Has a range of colors and patterns to choose from
  • · It is affordable unlike most play yards yet still delivers on quality
  • · Kids are able to use it at least until they reach 2 years of age
  • · It is easy and quick to set up
  • · The mattress on the inside acts as an additional safety measure as well as a great place for short naps.
  • · Two babies can comfortably play or sit together in it
  • · The child’s toys can easily fit in together with the baby providing room for play
  • · It can be shipped to your location

The cons:

  • · The mattress is not appropriate for unsupervised or long naps as the gap between it and the mesh is closed off, and therefore air circulation is not good enough. This may cause the baby to suffocate.
  • · The fabric can only be spot cleaned as it is not removable
  • · If not well maintained, the stuffing on rails can come off posing a danger to the baby if put in the mouth.
  • · It does not come with extra features like bassinets

Overall, the Cosco play yard delivers without fail just like other more expensive brands because it is sufficiently philanthropic with space. The style and design are easy on the eyes and can be a great compliment to your interior décor.


Finally, remember that this should not be used as a crib substitute. It only comes in to give you an opportunity to do other things with your child close and in full view.

This yard is perfect for parents with children below two years who would like to free up some baby holding time without taking out the fun of playing with them.

This playpen is reliable, great for travel and amazingly aesthetic for its cost. If you are looking for something simple with purpose, this will serve you well and help you make the best memories for you and your baby.