My Baby Won’t Sleep At All – Why?

By | June 8, 2014

Parents do not want to see their babies lack the sleep that they need to grow up as properly. This is the reason why there are many parents thinking about how they can send their babies into deep sleep and just get the required amount of sleep in their age. Whenever babies tend to wake up throughout the night and parents find it really difficult to deal with this kind of situations. They find it really troubling as they are not the only who are disturbed with their routines but also their babies.

It is given that children under five are the ones who find it difficult to get a complete sleep throughout the night and parents are sure to worry about it. Most of the time, babies would refuse going to bed and sometimes they are just waking up in the middle of the night crying. The reason behind this is the changes in the environment and still familiarizing the time difference between night and day. This is why there are children who opts to play more even at night and refuse going to bed.

Sleep Strategies Parents Can Do For Their Babies

baby-sleepsGiven that babies find it really difficult in dealing with the changes in their bodies and also their environment as they go out of their mother’s womb, sleeping might still be a hard thing for them to do on time. If you are one of those parents who are struggling with doing any kind of tactics for sending your babies to sleep, then the following are some of the things that you can do:

  • Provide a lively and social feeding time in the day and calm and quiet feeding time in the evening. This will help your baby in setting his body clock and be able to learn the difference between night and day. (More about the importance of having a schedule)
  • Set a routine for bedtime. A bedtime routine that will last for about 45 minutes is enough to let your baby know when he is supposed to sleep. Within that period of time, you can give him a warm bath, nappy change and wearing of his pajamas. Before going to bed, sing a song or tell a story to make him feel sleepy and soon fall asleep.
  • Try giving your baby a chance of falling asleep alone. Within at least 6 to 8 weeks, teach your baby how to sleep alone by putting him down on his back on the crib or bed whenever he feels sleepy yet is still awake. You may stop feeding or rocking your baby to sleep as he may depend on the activities when falling asleep instead of learning how to settle on his own.
  • Check if your baby is able to settle on his own. If your baby is already in his 4th or 5th month, it is best that you check his responses whenever you put him down. Whenever he tries to cry, pat him gently and make him feel reassured. After he settles down, leave his room for a few minutes. Whenever you notice that he is getting distressed of the situation, pick him up gently and make sure that everything is all right. If you think that everything is doing well, just repeat the process and check him from time to time.
  • Give your baby his security object. This security object may come as a stuffed animal or baby blanket. Keeping it near you will make your smell stick to it or some breastmilk stick to it. Babies are known for their strong sense of smelling and making your scent stick to the object will help in keeping your baby calm whenever he wakes up suddenly in the middle of the night.
  • If your baby is now 6 months or older, you may try doing the controlled crying strategy. You can try cuddling up with him and letting him know firmly that it is now bedtime. This is also called as a co-sleeping method that can help in letting your baby settle down and know that it is already sleeping time.
  • Not all the time you are beside your baby. So, while you are way, you might want your partner to share the role of being a comforter with your child. Take turns in making your baby fall asleep or back to sleep whenever he wakes up. This is an effective way of letting your partner take some of the responsibility whenever it is needed.

Having reminded of these strategies, parents are assured that they will have an easy time letting their babies fall asleep at night. Furthermore, this can also help in making sure that parents will not have to struggle about letting their babies sleep and preventing their baby to wake up in the midst of the night.

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