My Baby Will Only Sleep On Me – What To Do?

By | June 10, 2014

There are many moms who struggle with how they can let their babies sleep on the crib or in their beds so that they can have their own peaceful sleep in their beds. Aside from moms, there are also dads who struggle with this problem since there are parents who take turns in swaddling their baby until they fall asleep. The biggest problem that most parents have is how they can let their babies sleep in their own crib without letting them wake up and cry out loud.

Most parents have been and are going through the same situation and it sure to be worried on how they can teach their baby to start sleeping in the crib and never let him or her wake up just by the very moment they are starting to lay them. Just like any parents, they do not want their babies to cry too much as it may lead to other problems and parents will definitely have a hard time dealing with both problems.

Where can Parents Get the Assistance in Teaching their Babies to Sleep on Cribs

sleeponmeThanks to the different experiences that other parents have encountered, there are now first time parents who are able to make use of the recommendations of other parents who have taught their babies on how to sleep on their cribs. Based on what other parents are saying, other parents especially those first-time parents are sure to learn from what long-time parents did when they encountered the same problem in teaching their babies on how to sleep on their own cribs.

Aside from the help of other experienced parents, new parents should also learn when they should call for the help of the pediatrician. This is very important especially when they notice that their babies are not sleeping continuously even if they tend to swaddle them for a very long time. It is also very convenient especially for those who are trying to figure out whether they can do anything better to make their baby fall asleep longer and better.

Some Tips on How to Train Babies in Sleeping Comfortably in their Cribs without Waking Them

For parents who trust the experiences of other parents who have gone through the same situation, the following are some of the tips that other parents are usually sharing:

  • Change in temperature may be the reason why your baby may cry whenever you put him or her in the crib. One helpful tip that any parent can do is using a blanket or your used shirt to cover your shoulder or arms while you are letting your baby drift away in his or her sleep. After your baby starts to fall asleep, you can maintain the temperature that he or she got used to by laying your baby along the blanket or shirt unto the crib. This way, you baby will not be startled with changes in the temperature and just let him or her continue sleeping. The smell of your shirt can also make your baby feel that you are still there while he or she is fast asleep.
  • Another thing that you can do is letting your baby sleep beside you in the bed. Many parents have tried and, luckily, they find a way on how they can make their babies sleep soundly on their cribs. What parents should do is just letting their babies sleep on their side while they put their arms around the baby. This will help in making their baby feel secured while sleeping and letting them sleep on their backs. Once your baby sleeps, you can slowly remove your arms from your baby and let him or her sleep continuously.
  • An effective that you can also try is letting your baby sleep in a position that will not provide a drastic change in his or her body. If you want your baby to sleep in a crib, you may want to let him or her sleep in a position where his back is almost straightened. Another position that you can try is letting your baby sleep in a reclined position, and just letting him or her sleep in the crib while keeping his or her head inclined.
  • Another thing that you can do is putting your baby to sleep and naps at the same time every day. This is the ultimate way in letting your baby know the right time to sleep and make the baby’s body familiar with the appropriate time to sleep and nap and get used with laying on their crib.

With all of these tips tried in a certain period of time, parents are assured that they can learn how they can send their babies to sleep not only in their arms but also in their cribs.

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