Baby Trend Deluxe Nursery Center Review

By | September 19, 2017

All parents want the same things for their babies; for them to sleep through the night and for them to be safe so that they could survive through till adulthood and feed you Jell-O in your old age. Often times we find ourselves scrambling when we have to look for certain things; toys and wipes and sometimes we have to look for surfaces to change our little ones. Caring for them can be expensive and we are looking for cheaper convenient solutions. Gone are the days when we want to separately do everything for our little ones. Baby Trend offers a Deluxe Nursery Center that allows our babies to sleep and play safely; we can also change them on top of a flexible table and roll them with us to whatever room we go to. Apart from this, it comes with music, a storage area, toys and vibration; convenience for us and well comfort for them.

Durability & Safety

The Nursery Center can last for years; in fact several of your children will be able to use it, that’s just how durable it is and the structure is supported by metal tubes. It is safe for babies primarily because the entire bassinet is enclosed so even if they are asleep we don’t have to worry. Further, there are locking mechanisms in place so that the bars are unable to move and also brakes to prevent the bassinet from moving on its own; similar to the mechanism that is found on strollers. Durability is important because you want to invest in another bassinet as much as you want to go to the dentist. Babies are helpless so their safety is important. Baby Trend has ensured that their Nursery Centers are certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturer’s Association (JPMA).


As mentioned before; the Deluxe Center has wheels. Wheels are as portable as it can get. If you have to take a trip and you want to take your baby with you then why not pack the deluxe Center with you. Its dimensions are pretty reasonable and you can take the directions for setting it up with you if you have not already memorized how to do so. The Nursery Center comes in a pretty neat travel bag making it an ultra portable pack n play at only 29lbs and giving you more options than what was offered traditionally.

Pros and Cons


  • · The Nursery Center is relatively affordable and saves you a lot compared to if you had to buy some of the items separately like the changing table, the sleeper, toys or even a play pen.
  • · It has wheels so you can move it around and take your baby with you. This is a plus as you can always keep an eye on your little one and keep them near you.
  • · It is highly portable and you can travel with it to save yourself the headache of wondering where you’d put your baby to sleep or even where you’d put your baby down.
  • · It vibrates so your baby can be comforted by the movement in their sleep.
  • · It comes with music so that in itself is entertainment for your baby and they also have their toys to keep them occupied.


  • · Some people may argue that it’s difficult to assemble but once you are good with reading and following instructions it should not be too hard for you. Baby Trend does provide customer support for Parents who are having a difficult time with assembly.
  • · It’s only for infants; well it’s a nursery but it only holds them until they are 35lbs and we can only put them on the table up until they are 15lbs.
  • · It comes with a really thin mattress so you may have to replace it if your baby is going to be a regular in there.


Every parent with a new born or baby that is a couple months old should be interested in this product as it offers a lot of versatility and surprises without breaking the bank. If you plan on having more kids then this is a great investment as it can be passed down from sibling to sibling. The Pros outweigh the Cons and there are solutions to most of the Cons except of course your child growing up!