Baby Sleepsuits: The secret piece of clothing to a good nights sleep? Read this Review!

By | November 4, 2016

There is no doubt that transitioning from swaddling is highly important for any infant. The development phase needs a delicate combination of right tools, patience, and time. You need the best baby sleep suit you can lay your hands on. The sleepwear you settle for should provide your cute baby with some support and warmth that comes from swaddling.

Baby Sleepsuits vs. Sleepsacks: Why Do Sleepsuits Make Sense

A baby’s sleepsack refers to a distinct cross between a conventional sleeping bag and a baby blanket. It boasts the fabric weight and softness of the traditional baby blanket. A Sleepsuit prevents the need for having loose blankets such as sleeping bags and sleepsacks. Compared to sleepsacks, Sleepsuits offer a secure and comfortable feeling to your baby. You can buy unisex Sleepsuits online meaning both a girl and boy can wear them.

Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit: What Makes It The Best Sleepsuit? Pros and Cons

The Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit is a patented wrap transition product that’s designed for purposes of back sleeping inside a crib. It offers a baby a secure and cozy feeling. The Sleepsuit assists to muffle their reflexive starlets in order to help the little ones in their sleep.

With the Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit, you get rid of the need for loose blankets such as wearable blankets, in the market like sleeping bags and sleepsacks. Additionally, the magic Sleepsuit is handy in providing a secure and contained feeling. It facilitates sound and peaceful sleep by muffling the twitches as well as involuntary movements, which can awaken your toddler prematurely.

By using it, your newborn is able to sleep much better on his or her back for a longer time.


  • Excellent alternative to swaddling
  • The cute baby Sleepsuit is affordable


Your little girl or boy can heat up quickly depending on where you live
Can be small for some babies

Cotton or Fleece: Advantages & Disadvantages


Fleece is simply an artificial material that’s created with PET (polyethylene terephthalate) or a host of other artificial materials. It boasts an array of features that allow it to be used by many people substantially for different requirements.


  • Few qualities – The content of fleece is mainly insulating and smooth. It’s relaxed and heated. Additionally, fleece is highly breathable. That fact that it’s resilient means you can have it for many years.
  • A great option – Fleece boasts better technological innovation compared to most of the other materials. It brings with it numerous air pockets to ensure your body remains warm. Excellent airflow improves air circulation meaning you’ll remain dry whether it’s summer or winter.


  • It is combustible
  • Substandard fleece pills easily – It can shred after each clean
  • It’s not windproof
  • Damages easily after constant pressing and cleaning
  • It’s not moisture absorbing


Most drawers and closets around the world are full of clothes made of cotton. Actually, cotton is the most commonly used kind of fiber across the world. Some of your favorite undergarments, blouses, sweaters, jeans and T-shirts originated from a humbly cotton plant due to its many advantages. Since nothing is perfect, cotton also brings with it a host of disadvantages.


  • Breathable, Natural, and Soft – Cotton is not only comfortable, it’s very soft. It won’t irritate even the most sensitive skins. Furthermore, it doesn’t cause allergies. Its fibers are spun tightly to yarn meaning it can’t irritate your skin or even cause static electricity.
  • Cheap, Versatile and Strong – Cotton is durable, strong and is great at resisting abrasion. Each cotton garment is machine washable. It has the ability to stand up to several washings inside hot water. Another great attribute about cotton fibers is the fact that they dye extremely well thus offering a vibrant colored yarn.


  • Wrinkling and Shrinkage – You must ensure that before buying cotton cloth, it perfectly fits you. They tend to have poor elasticity. Cotton is highly prone to shrinking after washing.
  • Damage – Since it’s a natural fiber, cotton risks immense damage from mildew. The cotton fabric might pill easily.


The Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit is indeed an incredible swaddle transition product. You can introduce it when your baby is breaking or outgrowing his or her swaddle. Typically, it’s roughly three months of age. Your baby stands to enjoy a cozy and secure sleep environment by using this cute Sleepsuit. What is more is that you can carry it during your travel. Buy it on Amazon today.