All About Baby Relaxation Music

By | January 28, 2015

If you’ve just had a baby, it’s absolutely necessary that you play baby relaxation music and nothing else at the house. Why? Because relaxing your baby with music is one way that you can get a good night’s sleep. But if you’re just like most people, you’re probably wondering how music actually affects us. In this article, we’re going to show you exactly how.

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A whole body of research papers tells us that we feel musical vibrations through the body while listening to music. In other words, we possess an immediate mechanism to have psychological reactions and to understand when music is going through the body. According to the work of James Oschman, Jacque Benveniste, and Candace Pert, these psychological reactions are brought about via the ligand/receptor interaction by some frequencies which have traveled through the body’s connective tissue.

Music gives us a comprehensive spectrum of frequencies where the body chooses specific frequencies that activate the responses in the body. The easiest way to think of this body-music interaction is to think of the body as a musical instrument and the music as the hands that play it.

In reality, our body rejects most outside sounds, however, the head is designed to receive sound vibrations. Our body’s joints are designed to keep away sound frequencies from propagating inside the body. This fact is equally true for the cartilage and muscles. Music is dampened through these parts before they reach the ear drums.

One element of the body that’s especially accommodated as antenna or a receptor to external sound is the cranial bones, which are directly in contact with the body’s spinal fluid. Sound travels in an upward and downward motion through the water in the connective tissue at a rate 5,000 feet per second. The sound waves produced are responsible for 50% of the body’s biological processes.

These sound waves activate the emotions (no surprise there), as well as digestion and hormonal changes.

As you can see, sound is powerful and it’s one reason why you need to choose carefully what your baby listens to, especially during critical first twelve months after the baby is born. You will want for your baby to feel safe by listening to relaxation music. Also, you don’t want him or her to have indigestion listening to rock music.

There are many musical genres that are designed to raise anyone’s vibrations. While classical music and masterpieces by Beethoven and Mozart are the usual suspects, there’s a whole other world of relaxation music out there.

We did some relaxation experiments switching from one type of music to another on Youtube. We found that Zen music and other types of meditation music relaxed us just as much as the classics. We also felt solace listening to Oliver Shanti’s music. If you find classical music, you can try listening to these music types we mentioned here and see how your baby reacts. Just make sure to adjust the volume so it doesn’t get too loud.


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