4Moms Breeze Playard Review

By | September 19, 2017

I’ve always been looking for what’s the best to my child in keeping him busy while his mom’s busy cooking or with her work. If I was at home, would keep him busy playing and she didn’t miss out a single moment to complete the left out!

But then, it worried me- what if I wasn’t at home?

It happened a many times when such incidents came up and she left him in the crib, too old for a baby of mine and I didn’t like it too.

It happened me just get over amazon – and there I saw a beautiful invention for babies, 4Moms Breeze Playard- maybe it just surprised me to call it an invention due to its amazing features and the stuff with which a baby can always be occupied with, not to worry when got work at home.

I always fear for something new and modern- and the quality (the first question by any buyer) – I found it interesting,

The 4moms Breeze Playard is incredibly safe and can handle almost any types of mischievous your child does. The mesh surrounding this crib is extremely strong and dependable to support any pressures exerted by your kid.

Me and Sara, are always concerned with the baby, always looking for what’s he up to and keeping an eye on the crib we had earlier. But, the playard- being transparent helps to keep an eye on the baby- in addition he enjoys looking at us.

At some point, he’s excited looking at us far away, thinks to come over but the mesh does avoid him from doing so! The safety feature provided is really well.

The material of this product is pretty good and Lead- free, weighing about 30 Pounds- not to worry about the quality of this product.

Is it portable?

The crib which I was grown in didn’t have such a feature, it was just a wooden and heavy and based at the same location- pretty boring and a tough job for my mom!

But it isn’t the same with my child, thanks to 4mom which came up with such an amazing tech to overcome the problems of parents suffering from similar problems,

  • This crib i.e. the playard can be travelled to any place or shift in no time from one room to the other in any time.
  • You can easily pare down the playard to move swiftly or in case you wish to take the baby out, playard’s going to be a great thing to keep your baby happy.
  • This can be done by just pushing a simple button down; you wish to compress it- pull up the tiny robe.
  • No work
  • No additional things on to invest

It’s worth investing and size of this playard can be increased- starting from a new born baby till he grows!


1) Pleasant

2) Secure and safe

3) Easy to set

4) Transparent four sides with mesh

5) High stability, modern design


1) Over-weighted to carry

2) No Additional supplies for a baby to keep occupied

3) Mattress sheets are required for this

4) Not a material to wash in machine


There’re a variety of Baby niche playards available out there, even I was confused by the variety of products which had been displayed out there in amazon, a difficult pick – each playard had an amazing feature tangled with it making it impossible, on how to pick one, though I’ve listed a few down here with their specifications available out there in amazon (which I feel the best for your kids)

1) 4moms Breeze Playard-

A simple, basic product for the baby to keep him occupied in a safe and beautiful bassinet. The other additional features are it being portable and a bag to carry it with!

Not a tough job for moms to fold and open up the playard

Here, playards are hard but breeze is easy making the task from mums much simpler!

The frame is durable and for the baby, sufficient play space is made available!

Ratings- 5

2) Joovy Room Playard and Nursery Centre-

A complex playard, equipped with different pockets and facilities to use in different situations for your baby. Its feature is divided into different layers and full-size basinet can handle only 15 pounds weigh baby-

The different layers are amazing but I feel it isn’t much comfortable. It offers two wheels to move around for the playard in room.

Ratings- 4

Suggestion- what would I go with?

It’s the 4Moms, I would go with and being it has an extremely good quality with flexible and dependable texture, for a while better than the next! But also make sure to check out my lotus vs graco pack and play review!