Is It Normal for My Baby to Cry in His Sleep?

By | June 17, 2014

When babies are crying it is a sign that there is something wrong in their bodies or they feel weird of something. But many parents start to worry about their babies when they notice their baby crying even when sleeping. It is something that you do not want to risk especially when you are worried about how your baby really feels whenever he is asleep. There are experts saying that their babies may dream of their moms leaving them and sometimes, they just feel that the presence of their moms is not there.

Most of the time, a baby crying in the middle of his sleep is normal. This is a phase when most babies undergo this problem and will only go away after a certain period of time. But when you are trying to figure out the real problem, you can always ask your pediatrician about it and even bring your baby for a quick checkup. It is best that you will ask your pediatrician first before you do anything to make sure that you can address the real problem on why your baby always cries while he is asleep.

Why This Phase Is Considered As Normal with Babies

baby-cryIt is given that babies do not have any form of language used whenever they want to tell something to their parents. Whenever you take a visit with your pediatrician, the specialist can find out whether there is something wrong with the heath condition of your child. Furthermore, these specialists would also say that this is a normal phase in the babies’ lives as they encounter many changes with their lives. This is in particular with the changes that a baby may feel from the several months that they are staying in their mother’s womb to the outside word.

Apparently, many parents are asking about the right things to do to make sure that they prevent this activity from happening over and over while their babies are sleeping and what they should be doing if in case they encounter the problem again. Aside from feeling the pain of seeing babies cry while in their deepest possible sleep as a parent, they would usually struggle with how they can make their babies go back to sleep again.

But many parents are saying that this is just a normal phase. There are times wherein the brain of the child is still active while he is sleeping and may all the learning activities physically even while he is asleep. Parents should be aware that these changes can last for only a few seconds and there is no need for them to pick up their babies.

Most of the time, parents would see their babies crying without seeing their eyes open widely. The reason behind the crying might be any kind of dream or nightmare that would really surprise or scare them while they are completely asleep. Whenever this happens, parents are advised to gently hold their baby just to make them feel reassured that their parents are always on their sides.

Are There Any Reasons Why Babies are Crying in the Middle of the Night Other than Nightmares or Dreams?

Aside from the usual dreams or nightmares that may trigger a baby to cry while they are asleep, it is given that babies might be suffering from any kind of discomfort. Since the controls of the babies are still in the process of learning, there are times when babies would find it difficult to make use of these things. As adults, parents should understand that their babies have weaker controls over surviving on the things that they feel. This is the main reason why babies easily cry whenever they feel something different in their bodies.

There are times when your baby would not only cry while sleeping. Parents have also noticed their babies rolling or laughing as they sleep. These are the times when their brains may be practicing things that they want to do and without knowing they are already doing it physically while they are dreaming about it. Whenever you notice that your baby is doing unnecessary things while sleeping, parents should keep in mind that there are times when their babies are dreaming about things that they should be doing as they grow.

So, do i need to worry?

With all of these details in mind, there is no reason for parents to worry that much about their babies. It is definitely a normal phase in the life of a baby and this can be outgrown by any baby. You just have to give them enough attention whenever they cry by holding them or gently touching any part of their body just to make them feel that you are there. In the long run, you will notice the difference in the sleeping habits of your baby and you will definitely feel free of worries while they are growing.

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