How To Give Your Baby A Bath And Have A Great Time Too

By | December 17, 2014

Bathing a new baby can be both fun and rewarding for the mother and the baby, especially if you learn a few techniques, and take some precautions, there should be nothing to worry about. Remember also, that a newborn baby doesn’t need to be bathed every single day, in fact every other day is plenty, and you can even skip two days once in a while. A baby’s new skin is a little sensitive to soaps and drying out, and needs to be desensitized for a while before daily bathing is started. Plus, you should always make sure that the water is not too cold or hot, by sticking your elbow into it to test the temperature, your hand is not a good choice, because it has been toughened over the years to handle temperature extremes. Let’s take a look at some great tips you can use when bathing baby.

Get The Right Sized Bathtub For Baby.

baby bath photo

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When your baby’s especially tiny, is not a good idea to put him in a giant tub were there’s no support and he could easily slip under the water to be frightened. In addition to that, a large tub can tend to cool off faster and little babies have difficulty retaining heat, so are extra sensitive to the cold. By purchasing a small plastic tub, just right for your baby, you’ll have an easier time keeping control of the slippery little guy, and the plastic has a warmer feel on baby’s skin as well.

As You Bathe Him, Sing A Lullaby.

When cleansing your baby, go slowly and don’t dump a lot of water on him all at once, this is can frighten a baby and cause him to cry. Talk in reassuring calm tones, or sing to baby the whole time he’s in the tub, to let them know that everything is okay, and taking a bath as part of his regular routine. Be sure and lightly massage him between soaping and rinsing to continually touch him the whole time for emotional support. He’ll eventually lose his fear of the water, and have a great time taking his baths and listening to your songs.

Dry Him Quickly And Keep Him Covered After His Bath.

Your baby will quickly become cold as soon as he’s taken from the water, so should be completely covered in the towel as his being dried, no matter whether it’s a warm day or not. If there are any dry patches on his skin or eczema, now is an excellent time to put on some high-quality skin moisturizer on those spots as well. If your baby has developed any kind of diaper rash problems, a talcum powder containing zinc oxide is excellent for controlling the yeast infection that is involved. For the most part, babies don’t need shampoo for the small amount of hair that they have, and shampoos tend to sting their eyes causing them to cry. Unless there’s a particular reason you need to use shampoo, don’t bother until they get a little older.

Giving your baby a bath should be one of the most fun times for both mom and baby, full of laughter and games, and light hearted joking. Plus, it’s a good idea to take some photos while he’s little, because he’ll be changing on a daily basis for the rest of his life.

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