Can a Baby Sleep Too Much?

By | June 17, 2014

One of the main concerns of parents when it comes to their newborns is the sleeping time. The problem with the sleeping time may range from the lack of sleep or the worry of parents in regards with the long hours of sleep that their babies have. But parents worrying about the long hours of sleep that their babies are having should be stopped since this is a normal thing that babies especially newborns would normally have. With this thing in mind, parents should know that this is not something that should worry about.

There is definitely a possibility that any baby may sleep too much than how parents expect it. This is something that parents should know especially when they are starting to tack the sleeping time of their kids. Parents having a baby who tends to sleep for longer hours should think about being lucky enough since there are many parents who struggle with sending their kids to sleep in long and continuous hours. It should not be treated as a problem since this allows their baby to grow normally and completely just the way they should be.

The Normal Amount or Number of Sleep Babies Should Have

long-sleepParents easily become worried when they learn that their babies rarely wake up to be fed and just sleeps all day and all night. But parents should know that the sleeping time for newborns is expected to last for about 16 hours daily. Sometimes, there are babies who would sleep for more than 20 hours daily. This is a very normal thing that newborns do especially during the early months. When your baby is a baby who tends to sleep for long hours, then you should not worry too much since this is a normal phase that any baby would undergo as they spend the first few months of their lives on a new environment.

This length of time may vary with the time that your child sleeps in the night and day. There are babies who tend to sleep 12 hours straight at night and would also spend at least 2 hours of nap several times during the day. The total number of sleep that your baby may have would eventually last for a long period of time instead of the usual number of hours suited for their age.

When your baby starts to grow, you will notice that his time of sleep will slightly change and will shorten. This will make you realize that it is better that your child is still able to sleep for long hours instead of just attending to his needs whenever he wakes. At least when he is asleep, you know that he is just staying in one area and is obviously far from any danger. So, when you notice that your baby is spending much time on sleeping, just know certain strategies on how to wake him up for feeding or getting used with some activities.

How to Wake Babies Who Sleep Too Much

There are experts saying that parents should take advantage of this moment since this kind of sleeping habit may not last for long. If you think that your baby is not getting enough time spent with getting fed, it is advisable that you try waking up your baby during feeding time. Given that there are babies who are difficult to wake up, there are many parents who are trying various strategies on how they could wake up their babies.

Some parents tend to wake their babies slowly with changing their sleeping garments with light ones. Whenever the baby feels a cooler sensation, they would slowly open their eyes and gets really active in playing with you and getting fed. Another strategy that parents can do to wake their babies up is having a sponge bath. A warm and gentle sponge bath is sure to give your baby a gentle wakeup call and would likely get them up easily. The last strategy that you can do is changing his diaper. Removing the diaper and doing a slight freshen up of his bum is sure to make his senses wake up and know that it is feeding time as well.


Though it is beneficial that babies get the right amount of sleep, it is still necessary that you will teach them how to recognize the right time for feeding. Once you learn how your baby can wake up without crying, you are sure to have an easy time dealing with keeping your baby nourished by giving the right amount of sleep while ensuring that they are well-fed. With these strategies, you are assured that you will have an easy time making sure that your baby is still healthy while growing up.

Learning that sleeping too much is alright with your baby will definitely put your mind at ease that there is nothing wrong with the sleeping habit of your child.

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