Baby Massages to promote Relaxation

By | November 17, 2014

Massaging your newborn baby is not only beneficial for his physical health, but for his mental health as well. If you think about it, the baby has spent nine months in the womb in complete contact with the heartbeat and breathing of his mother 24 hours a day, only to be suddenly forced out into the world, where it’s now cold. Giving a baby a good gentle massage several times a day can go a long ways towards helping him develop a good and happy disposition mentally. There are also physical benefits to massaging your baby that are just as important as the metal ones, including helping gas and intestinal restrictions pass on down to be eliminated in the proper way. Let’s take a look at some great tips on massaging baby now.

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Pick The Right Massage Oil For Baby’s Sensitive Skin.

There are many wonderful benefits to massaging baby, it helps him sleep well and stimulates his nerves and muscles to help in his motor development. However, it’s important to not massage baby’s dry skin with your rough hands as this may irritate the skin and actually be somewhat painful for the newborn baby, who has spent the last nine months in liquid. For this reason it’s important to use a good quality cold pressed oil when massaging baby. Cold pressed oils will be pesticide free, and if made from vegetable oil will contain linolenic acid that helps reinforce the sensitive skin of the baby. Two excellent oils to use would be grapeseed or safflower oil. Another great oil to use during the summer months is coconut oil, because it tends to have cooling properties for when the baby is overheated.

The Best Massaging Technique For Colicky Baby.

The reason that most babies with colic tend to cry is because they are in pain, caused by the introductions of new foods in the intestines, and the digestive process hasn’t matured to the point where can handle all the different kinds of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and fibers. Then, as the food moves through the intestines, gas is created and the intestines constrict in certain areas causing pain. By massaging the baby in the areas where he’s experiencing pain, you can help the intestines relax and the gas pass on down the way. It’s best to begin the massages before baby starts to experience pain, in order to keep the food being processed and moving along, then as baby gets older the intestines will have adjusted, and baby will be fine.

Best Massaging Technique For Just Normal Crying.

Many times babies will cry for what seems like no reason at all, however it may just be that they’re feeling a little bit alone and need the comfort of a warm massage with a good oil while laying on their stomach. In this case it serves a dual purpose, if there is gas trapped in the intestines it helps for it to rise up and escape during your massage of the back. In addition to that, the back muscles can tend to be tensed up, preventing baby from relaxing and falling asleep. But giving the baby a good long massage, along with some soothing tones from mother’s voice he should soon be fast asleep.

A good baby massage is mentally and physically beneficial for both mother and child and goes a long ways towards raising a happy, healthy baby. Adding a quality massage oil gives the added benefit of moisturizing his skin and protecting it from rough hands.

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